Ragtag Daily Prompt: Disagreeable

Bed 5_10_1 bwAll the notables from land and sea throughout the kingdom were gathered in the harbor, along with dignitaries from many foreign lands, for the christening of the new flagship The Queen Pirouette. Her Majesty herself was there to do the honors, leaning on her husband’s arm, as she was wont to do from time to time. All eyes were on the royal couple who after more than a decade of marriage seemed more in love than ever.

As the ships in the harbor performed maneuvers for the amusement of the crowds, something went terribly wrong. Canon fire tore through the hull of the Queen Pirouette causing irreparable damage. The ship sank quickly. All hands were lost. The crowd was too stunned to react or make a sound. King GarGar nearly fainted. Her Majesty did so.

As soon as they got back to the palace, King GarGar took to his bed. He kept repeating over and over, “My poor sailors! My poor sailors!” Refusing all food and drink, he kept to his bed for several days. All this time, his words were the same, “My poor sailors! My poor sailors!” While Queen Pirouette appreciated that her husband valued the lives of his men so dearly, what could be more disagreeable than a husband who won’t get out of bed?

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