Ragtag Daily Prompt: Like a Circle in a Spiral

It was Bring Your Daughter to Work Day at the palace. Little girls in bright red uniforms stood at attention beside their fathers who were honor guards. In the kitchens, young ladies hurried behind their fathers who were chefs in His and Her Majesty’s service. Everywhere in the palace, the sound of young women’s laughter could be heard.

In the gallery of the Royal Council Chamber, about a dozen girls ranging in age from seven to fifteen years, sat the daughters of the King and Queen’s closet advisors, as well as their own youngest daughter, la Princess LaLa. This was a rare occasion when she wasn’t in the company of her twin brother, the Crown Prince GarGar the Younger. Unlike most of the girls in the gallery, she was fascinated by the proceedings, and enjoyed seeing her parents sitting at each end of the long table where the Council met.

“The mind of a woman is like a circle in a spiral,” said King GarGar, motioning to the girls in the gallery.

“Or like a wheel within a wheel!” Chimed in Queen Pirouette.

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