Ragtag Daily Prompt: Mafia

Organized crime was not a serious problem in the Kingdom. There was certainly nothing so glamorous as the mafia in operation; however, there were a few noble and not-so-noble families that liked to push their rights and privileges beyond the limits of legality. Queen Pirouette took a personal interest in these matters. Whenever a family was found to be acting in a manner that was less-than-proper, she would insist on passing judgement upon them. Her wrath could be terrible in these cases, especially if the exploitation of women was involved. For instance, it was discovered that one family in the capital was operating a bawdy house, replete with madams and ladies of the night. She had these women rounded up and sent to various convents for training and education; whereupon, they were released into society. As for their employers, several senior male members of this particular family were sentenced to a lifetime as galley slaves.