Ragtag Daily Prompt: Slumber

Lady Greenmeadow was the late queen’s lady-in-waiting and gentlewoman of the bedchamber. As such, she was the perfect choice to become Princess Pirouette’s new governess. Every morning she would raise the Princess from her slumber by presenting her with a breakfast tray. After the Princess had eaten, she would dress her charge and lead her in morning prayers. Everyday followed the same routine which brought the comfort of stability into the life of Pirouette. A life which here to for had been riddled with sorrows, grief, doubt and uncertainty.

“God bless Lady Greenmeadow!” Exclaimed the King after Princess Pirouette made a perfect curtsy in front of His Majesty. “Will you be glad to go riding with me this morning?” Asked the old man gently.

“Oh, yes! Your majesty! I should love to go abroad with your grace,” the young girl gushed.