Ragtag Daily Prompt: Patience

Lady Greenmeadow was so enthralled with entertaining her friends in her private suite that she didn’t notice Princess Pirouette standing just outside the doorway. Under normal circumstances, a doorman would have announced her, but he had left his post to join in the revelry that he should have been happy simply to observe. “And you will never guess what Princess Poopoo did next!” Said her ladyship with a gleeful chortle.

“Just who is Princess Pirouette, my lady?” Said Pirouette through gritted teeth.

“Your Highness!” Gasped Lady Greenmeadow. “I had n-n-no idea that you were s-s-standing there!” She stammered.

“Obviously.” Snapped Pirouette who for the first time in her young life found herself losing all patience with her chief lady in waiting. “It might interest you to know that the guards call you Lady Greenbush.” The room exploded with laughter.

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