Lens-Artists Colorful April Challenge #143

Here is my contribution to the Lens-Artists Challenge #143 – Colorful April. This is something of a part 2.

Silver dollars have a simple but colorful blossom.
The wisteria is beginning to bloom. When they reach full bloom, they are quite stunning.
No mention of April is complete without a look at some tulips!

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Chance

Lady Greenmeadow sat alone in the carriage. Her face was several shades more pale than was considered fashionable at court. Ever since she was spotted embracing the captain of the guards in a dark corner, she was treated like a pariah. At last Princess Pirouette had an excuse to ask the prime minister to dismiss her. After making a brief show of resisting such a move, Monsieur le premier ministre agreed that Lady Greenmeadow had to go.

Monsieur le premier ministre in fact was the only person to bid her farewell. After giving his niece a quick peck on the cheek, he helped her into the awaiting carriage with hardly a word. Seeing how glum she looked, he poked his head into the carriage and said, “Bonne chance, my dear,” then he slammed the carriage door shut, turned on his heels and walked away.