Ragtag Daily Prompt: Shoulder

Lady Greenmeadow stood in the corner and watched. Abigail Hoffenhoff was pulling the laces on Princess Pirouette’s corset. There had been a time when she, as the Princess’ chief lady-in-waiting had been the shoulder Her Highness would cry on, but now little Miss Hoffenhoff was that shoulder. It infuriated Lady Greenmeadow to be supplanted by a wisp of a girl, barely out of the nursery. In her spare time, Lady Greenmeadow would fantasize about all the different ways she could murder the Princess’ official dresser.

What Lady Greenmeadow failed to consider was that her own behavior had served to alienate her from Pirouette’s affections. After Pirouette had caught her stealing some perfume from a cabinet, and after Her Highness had heard her gossiping most cruelly about the goings-on in the Princess’ private suites, Pirouette had decided that at some point, Lady Greenmeadow would have to go.

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