Ragtag Daily Prompt: Prevaricate

“You can beat around the bush all you want, my lady, but we are here to establish the truth and establish it we will!” Said the prime minister to Tata Sous-sus. After the dismissal of Lady Greenmeadow, Princess Pirouette took for granted that dear, old Tata would become her new chief lady-in-waiting. She had told Tata that the interview with Monsieur le premier ministre would be perfunctory, just a matter dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. Poor Tata was not prepared for the probing questioning at the hands of the old King’s chief minister.

Tata Sous-sus didn’t mean to prevaricate, but she couldn’t remember how much she paid for her clothes or when she bought them, or who made them. What little jewelry she did wear was on loan from Princess Pirouette. As for how long she stayed and where during her lifetime of wandering, she hadn’t a clue. For Tata the past was like a painting left out in the rain, it was all a blur. Perhaps it was mere revenge over his niece’s unceremonious ejection from court that caused Monsieur le premier ministre to abuse poor old Tata Sous-sus so mercilessly. Then again, Monsieur did like to pride himself on being thorough and punctilious in all things.

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