Ragtag Daily Prompt: Elephant

Plans for Pirouette’s coronation had reached a critical point. An exhaustive search of Church archives had revealed a treasure trove of information regarding the ritual; however, first-hand accounts of the crowning of the last King were more difficult to find. This was primarily due to the fact that nearly every witness of that ceremony was long dead. An elderly man who’d sung in the boy’s choir over eighty years after the fact, assured the Coronation Committee that he remembered word for word what was said that day. “Aye!” Cried the old man, back bent with age, a cane in one hand and an ear-trumpet in the other. “Just like yesterday, it was. They even had a big, old elephant in the procession. It was pure amazement to all, it was. Pure amazement!” The old man began to cough violently.

“Where the hell are we going to be able to collect an elephant?” Asked the Archbishop. “What do they even look like? From what I understand, they are the biggest thing on God’s creation. Isn’t that so?”

“Indeed,” replied the old King’s confessor, Pere le Fosé Sale.