Ragtag Daily Prompt: Canvas

With a voice that literally dripped with obsequiousness, the painter asked the new, young Queen, “If Your Majesty would be so kind, would you please try not to move?” Monsieur le Braun, the official court painter for the past twenty years set his sketchpad on his knees and sighed with frustration. “I simply can’t do the preliminary sketches necessary for your official portrait.”

Pirouette, whose neck muscles were growing quite sore from lack of movement, couldn’t help but shake her head from side to side. “Monsieur le Braun, I fail to see what is so important about this ‘official’ portrait, as you put it.”

“Oh, Your Majesty,” he said quietly. “This portrait will be an historical document that will tell the ages what your appearance was when you first ascended to the throne. It will be used as a template for your coinage. It will be transferred into hundreds of miniatures that will be sent to every crowned head in the known world.”

“Why do you need sketches?” Queried Pirouette. “Just put your paint brush to the canvass and have done with it! I’ve wasted too much time on this project as it is. I have to attend a Council meeting right now!” Having lost all patience with the Court painter, she tore the pink sash that hung from her shoulder off and tossed it at Abigail Hoffenhoff, her Chief Lady of the Bedchamber. “Get rid of this thing!” She said, her voice hoarse with emotion. “I’m sick of it!”