Ragtag Daily Prompt: Lollygag

The children were playing amongst the flowers and fountains in the garden. When their governess entered their makeshift playground, they pretended not to see her. The eldest child, a girl who was already a mistress of manipulation said, “Don’t you just love Tata Sous-sus? She treats us just like we were her own children.” Her words melted the woman’s heart. Just a moment before, she’d been quite cross with her charges, as she had told them explicitly not to go outside and soil their good clothes.

“Look at yourselves!” She said in a voice that should have been stern, but instead was soft and tender. “Now stop all this lollygagging and come inside at once. I must change your garments before your mother returns!” It was then the thought of the child that she had left behind so many years ago entered her mind. Will I ever see her again? She thought. It was a thought that haunted her daily. Why must memories be so painful?

5 thoughts on “Ragtag Daily Prompt: Lollygag

    1. They engage in ruffhousing all hours of the day. Pirouette is smaller than Garçon, but she is much more nimble. She also has a keen intellect and can run rings around her brother/spouse. [Egyptian royalty practices]

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