Ragtag Daily Prompt: Breakthrough

GarGar sat on the edge of his bed. Queen Pirouette bent over and kissed his forehead. To GarGar, le comte des Deux Chats, it felt like a blessing of sorts. Without saying a word, he could feel her love coursing through his body, warming him better than any mulled wine. Taking his chin in one hand, Pirouette used her other hand to comb her dainty fingers through his thick, brown hair. It had been allowed to grow all that time he was away from Court. She like the way he looked. Maybe it was time to get rid of wigs altogether, mused the Queen.

“I shall require you to tell me of all your exploits and adventures, monsieur le comte,” she said playfully. “What can I do to breakthrough this terrible amnesia that currently plagues you?” Her hand moved from the top of his head, down his spine, causing her upper torso to move closer to his face. GarGar sighed and collapsed on his back on top of his bedcovers. This is heaven, he thought to himself.

“Ever the gentleman!” Laughed the Queen. “Well, once we are wed…” Her voice trailed off. Truth be told, the Queen was utterly ignorant of what actually happened between a man and a woman when they were alone in bed together. The only person in the entire Court who might be in a position to discuss such a sensitive matter with Her Majesty was Tata Sousus who was too scatterbrained to discuss a lunch menu for a guest list of ten people.