Ragtag Daily Prompt: Drive

GarGar found himself standing in the middle of a long, darkened hallway. It was so long and so dark that he could discern the end of it. He turned around. Suddenly he was no longer standing in the hallway. In fact, he wasn’t standing at all. He was on horseback. Surrounded by a fog on all sides, he tried to spur the horse, but it refused to move. GarGar could hear the sound of muskets and canon fire. Terrified, he screamed.

“My lord! Monsieur le comte! Wake up! You are having a nightmare!” He opened his eyes to find himself in bed, wearing nothing but his nightcap and a nightshirt. His parakoimomenos, Charles was holding a candle in one hand and shaking GarGar with the other. “Bring me some wine, Charles. There’s a good lad,” said monsieur le comte gently. These nightmares are going to drive me insane! He thought to himself.