Ragtag Daily Prompt: Gruesome

It would be an understatement to say that GarGar, le comte des Deux Chats, felt uncomfortable in the wood stool upon which he was sitting. Directly across from him, behind a long wooden table, sat a committee of men appointed by the Prime Minister in order to debrief le comte on his whereabouts during his prolonged absence from Court. Grim-faced elders, noblemen and prelates, were now gathered to get the gory details. Never in his life had GarGar seen such a gruesome collection of hostile faces.

“Where shall I begin?” Asked GarGar

You can begin at the beginning. What happened to you after the battle, which I might add, you lost.”

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Sleep

“Ouch!” Shouted GarGar, squirming in his chair and the royal barber stood over him with a pair of tweezers. With a frown, the man leaned closer into his work and plucked a hair from his eyebrow. Again GarGar shouted, “Ouch!”

“Stop being such a baby, my lord,” murmured the barber. “I’m almost done. You don’t want to look asymmetrical, do you?”

“I don’t care how I look at this point,” replied GarGar plaintively. “All I want is to go to sleep. I’m tired!”

Just then, Queen Pirouette entered the room. “How are you feeling my love?” She asked of le comte des Deux Chats.

“Whatever confession you want me to sign, I will do so willingly, if only you tell this man to stop torturing me!”

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Art

All day the bells had been ringing. Now that the identity of the strange man had been confirmed, and it had been confirmed by the best source in the kingdom, that being the Queen. Now it was time to celebrate. Close all the shops! Fill the public fountains with wine! Let there be music and dancing in the streets. GarGar le comte des Deux Chats was home, safe and sound. If that wasn’t a cause célèbre, then what was?

Like any good politician, GarGar had made courting public opinion into a fine art. Just days after arriving at Court, he was already planning parades, parties, celebratory masses and even a masked ball in order to advance the celebrations. Queen Pirouette was sitting back, watching with bemusement as her future husband took matters into his capable hands. All she had to do at this point was simply to sign the checks.

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Frenetic

Queen Pirouette wasn’t the sort of woman who would swoon at the drop of a hat; however, this latest revelation was like a blow to her stomach. Grabbing Lady Abigail by the forearm, she doubled over, while at the same time emitting a choking, gasping sound. Alarmed, Lady Abigail fell to one knee in order to get a closer look at the Queen’s face.

The man leapt up and before any of the guards could intercept him, he seized the Queen by her shoulders and pulled her up. In a display of frenetic energy that was certainly worthy of monsieur le comte GarGar, he gave her a good shaking and then planted his lips upon hers. And before anyone could say another word, she whispered, “It’s him! It’s GarGar!”

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Stranger

“Just answer her!” Hissed Lady Abigail who was clearly at the end of her rope with all this missing GarGar business. She was waiting for the stranger to perjure himself, to claim that he was the lost comte des Deux Chats. At which point, he would be executed or locked away forever, thus ending, if not the entire saga, then at least a chapter.

“Ever since I returned, I’ve been treated like a stranger. I’m tired of it. I’m GarGar, le comte des Deux Chats. There! I said it! I hope you’re happy!”

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Intricate

The Queen suddenly grew quiet, as if someone had thrown a lever. She turned around slowly and approached the man with a look of determination, eyebrows knitted, the corners of her mouth turned down, her eyes narrowed into slits. She struck the man on the cheek.

“Do you remember that? If you are monsieur le comte, then tell me that.” She spoke quietly, her voice betraying no emotion.

The man smile and cocked his head. “Through all of the intricate twists and turns that I’ve had to navigate in order to find myself to you, it was the thought of seeing you again that sustained me. I will answer your question without hesitation!”