Screen Saver #1

I’ve never considered commercial applications for my work. I thought this photo would make a neat screen saver. If you want to download it and use it for that purpose, feel free. –Russell

BettyLouise’s AOTD Challenge: July 15, 2020

BettyLouise’s Animal of the Day Challenge

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Luscious

I think these brussell sprouts are a luscious shade of green.

These chili peppers look juicy.
Let’s not forget the good old bell pepper.

Pull up a Seat Photo Challenge #12

AloneXingfu Mama’s Pull up a Seat Photo Challenge #12

GarGar 3_19_1GarGar, Lord of the Manor, lounges on the back of this overstuffed chair.

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Green


Ragtag Daily Prompt : Green


How many shades of green are there? I suppose it’s infinite. Yes?

Green peppersSnake 4

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Green, October 29, 2019

Snake 4Trail 1Please note: I posted the photograph of this snake back in September. It’s such a lovely shade of green that I felt compelled to submit it for this challenge. The photograph above is of the very trail where I found it- in Truxtun Park, Annapolis, Maryland. You can see quite well how the color of the snake’s skin gives it excellent camouflage against predators.

#Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge #Green