Cee’s FOTD Challenge: April 12, 2020

Begonia 1 MACROHere is a macro of a begonia blossom.

Next I give you these little blue blossoms that grow in my yard. I have no idea what they could be.

Bouquet 4_8_5Finally I present this lovely bouquet. Below is a carnation in macro.Bouquet 4_8_5 cropAnd black and white!Bouquet 4_8_5 bw

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Cee’s FOTD Challenge: January 9, 2020

Bouquet 1I’ve been having fun posting photographs of bouquets, and then picking one flower from it and making it into a macro. This is my contribution to Cee’sFlower of the Day challenge. Have you checked out her new challenge? It’s really cool. Here’s a link that will tell you more. Thanks, Cee for being so awesome!Red 2fotd-banner