Dana is smoking a cigarette. You can’t see it, but if you look closely, you can make out the smoke. He stands in front of a poster that he made when he was a display artist at Tower Records. He wears a Nirvana tee shirt. A sample of the clutter that is the bane of my existence can be seen on the right.

A New Look!

Charlie crop 2Dana (2019)

Since its inception in 2010, Beautiful Photographs has had the same layout. Such conservatism is out of character for the publisher of this site. In the spirit of innovation, we’ve decided to give the WordPress theme a try. It is called Monet and is identified as a theme expressly devoted to photography. Part of my inspiration for this decision is based on a visit to the Phillips Collection on Dupont Circle, Washington DC in 1999. There I saw an exhibit of collected works by the Expressionist painter Claude Monet. It was a seminal moment in my career as an artist. Please let me know what you think. All feedback, positive or otherwise, will be greatly appreciated. Happy blogging, all! RussellButterfly Forever!