Brashley’s MWM Challenge #32

 Brashley Photography’s Mid-Week Monochrome Challenge : Maryland’s Statehouse

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This is an experiment of sorts on my part. I’ve never inserted a slideshow before today. I rather like the effect. One is able to display several photographs in a small amount of space. It spares one from scrolling down, down, down. There are only three photos in this particular slideshow. In future when I have a lot of photos that I’d like to present at once, I will definitely employ this feature.

Mid-Week Monochrome #26

Bouquet 4 macroHere we have something of a macro of a bouquet of roses in black and white.

Pull up 2 bwI was saving these chairs for another challenge, but that doesn’t mean I can’t use them here. They fit the bill!

Painting 2 Washington crop bwThe fellow on the left who looks like the bird that the canary is George Washington. Can you guess who the other two are? This portrait hangs in the State House of Maryland in Annapolis, my hometown.