Jez’s WWE Challenge #13, February 4, 2020

Because Jez posted swans in his most recent Water Water Everywhere and because I am a big, ol’ copy cat, I am posting swans.  Note the collar around the neck of the swan in the front of the second photograph.  Two of the swans engaged in raucous behavior.  One insisted on biting the tail feathers of the other.  I don’t know if this was just plain aggression, play or even mating ritual?WWE swans 2WWE swans 4

Try clicking on the images above for a better look.

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Spring

Swans 1Swans 2 square“Congratulations, Your Majesty,” said the royal surgeon.  In a serious breach of etiquette, he grasped his queen’s hand.  “The child is due in the Spring.”

Too overwhelmed to react to the surgeon’s rudeness, Queen Pirouette nearly shouted, “It’s impossible!  It’s been over a dozen years since my last pregnancy.  I can’t be pregnant.  It’s the change-”

Before she could say another word, the doctor interrupted her (another faux pas). “There’s no doubt, madam.  Women older than you give birth all the time.”