Jez’s Fan of… Challenge #53

Meat and Potatoes!PotatoesSteak 1

And besides meat and potatoes, we need something like onions to make a savory meal.

White onions 1 cropI hope this post didn’t make anybody too hungry!  I am a very big fan of a good meal.

Mid-Week Monochrome (MWM) #19

Carrots 1 bwShredded carrots (black and white) from the salad bar, January 4, 2020.

Green asperagus macroAsparagus (green) from the grocer’s produce section. White onions 1 cropWhite onion. Same day, same venue. I’m submitting these for Bren’s Mid-Week Monochrome (MWM) challenge. I’ve made sure to follow Brens and Ashley’s blog.  They also host a weekly photo challenge. Do check them out!