Cee’s FOTD Challenge: November 1, 2019

FOTD 4FOTD 5_edited-1

Photographed on October 30, 2019 in front of the Eastport-Annapolis Neck Library.

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Butterfly, October 31, 2019

Butterfly 4 PERFECT!!!Butterfly 5 Nice

Photographed on October 3, 2019 at Jonas and Anne Catherine Green Park in Annapolis, Maryland.

Granny Shot It BOTD: October 31, 2019

BOTD 5 beautiful

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Granny Shot It WWE: October 31, 2019

WWE 1This is the bridge over Spa Creek at Compliance Street. Here is where I go when I want to commune with my friend Ollie the Osprey. I haven’t seen him the last few times I’ve been here. I do hope that he is okay. If you see him, please tell him I said hi!WWE 5If you squint, you can see the water! I took this picture yesterday. I had to tiptoe at the side of a brick wall to get this shot. This quaint little footbridge can be found on the campus of Saint John’s College, here in Annapolis.

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Maxwellula says, “Happy Halloween!”

Cee’s FOTD Challenge: October 31, 2019


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Ragtag Daily Prompts: Glean, October 30, 2109

Max 1

Maxwell looked at Monica with thinly veiled disgust, and when he spoke, his voice dripped with sarcasm.

“I suppose you haven’t given any thought to the missive I left you last night?”

Monica was still a bit woozy from the daiquiris (four of them) that she drank the night before.  “Are you talking about the dead mouse?” She asked. “What am I supposed to glean from that?”

“I suppose you didn’t take a very close look at it,” said the cat.

“Of course not! Karl took care of that. I hear that I’m supposed to praise you for that sort of thing.” Monica had already opened the liquor cabinet and was shocked at the paucity of rum left in the bottle.

“You’d better watch it, my dear. You’re turning into a lush.”

Max 2

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Granny Shot It Eleven Day Challenge: Halloween Decorations Countdown ONE DAY TO GO!

Halloween 1

I can’t believe it’s almost here!

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Granny Shot It BOTD: October 30, 2019

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