Jez’s WWE Challenge #23

Please forgive the tardiness of my participation in the Water Water Everywhere Challenge! I’m afraid recent events have caught me unawares and I’ve dropped the ball in a couple of areas. I hope this submission mitigates the error of my ways.

Bay Ridge 1Piers at Bay Ridge, April 9, 2020.Bay Ridge 3Tanker on the Chesapeake Bay, April 8, 2020.Bird on rockSevern River, April 5, 2020, Jonas Green Park, Annapolis, MD.

Random Photographs from a Little Stroll

Sparrow 1 It’s amazing to me just how chummy sparrows can be.

These are two of my boychicks.  Even though they aren’t related, they sure look and act like they are kin.  Maxwell is an old man at sixteen years, but he still likes to spend most of his waking hours frolicking in the yard.  He never strays.  Such a good boy!

GarGar is learning to avoid Max, who is perpetually grouchy. Maxwell doesn’t hit or bite the others, but he will wave his paw in their faces and cry very loudly, as if to say, “One of these days, Alice!  Right in the kisser!”





Granny Shot It BOTD: November 1, 2019

BOTD 1b magentaBOTD

BOTD 2BOTD 2d_edited-1

I know that I’ve posted pictures of individual sparrows on this part of the roof before, but I can’t find any evidence of group shots. A few days back, I posted a photo of a couple of sparrows that were in a little tree in the parking lot of the grocery store that I frequent. I hope these little guys are suitable for Granny Shot It’s Bird of the Day Challenge (aka BOTD.) I hope also that everybody had a great Halloween! –Russell

#Granny Shot It #Bird of the Day challenge #BOTD

Granny Shot It BOTD: October 17, 2019


If I didn’t know better, I’d swear that sparrow was mooning me!

Again, I am posting photos of my spunky sparrows who live in the neighborhood and congregate like a big gang at the parking lot of the nearest grocery store. I love all birds, and sparrows are no exception. I love their grit. They may not be the biggest bird in the yard, but they have big presence. Their song is cheerful and their manner is playful. This is my entry in today’s BOTD Challenge.

#Granny Shot It #Bird of the Day Challenge #BOTD