Ragtag Daily Prompts: Mend, October 28, 2019

Windmill with vinesMonica slammed her hand, palm-opened on the table top where her husband Karl Snapjaw was drinking his coffee. The bang! she made caused him to jump. Karl tried not to react but when the hot liquid he’d been nursing spilled on his white pant leg, burning his flesh in the process of staining his new garment, he shouted.

“Look what you made me do!”

“That will be the least of your worries, if you don’t pick yourself up and mend that damned windmill on the north forty!” Her voice was so shrill that it made Karl’s ears hurt.

Maxwell just blinked at the couple. “What fools,” he thought absently. Tuning them out, he decided to clean a paw.

#Ragtag Daily Prompts #RDP #Mend

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