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Fandango with FOWC: Indulge

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“Your Majesty must learn to indulge your husband, the King in these matters,” whispered Queen Pirouette’s confessor, Cardinal des Croix, “my beloved daughter.” As the left side of his body faced the screen in the confessional booth, he cupped his left hand his eyes. He was very careful not to look directly at the Queen. While over the years, he had really learned to love her as his own daughter, he had learned to fear her as well.

You can’t be serious old man! Thought the Queen to herself. “Well, then what is my penance for disobeying my husband, and acting like a Queen instead?” She murmured at the small but ornately fashioned screen on her side of the confessional. In silhouette, it depicted Daniel in the den of lions. How apt! She thought again. This wasn’t the first time that the irony of this image caught her attention.

“My dear,” replied the prelate. “Do you really want to go against King GarGar in this matter? Don’t you think it would be better to defer to his judgement?”

“That’s just like you men!” She answered bitterly. “You simply must stick together!”

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