Granny Shot It BOTD: October 7, 2019

Osprey 13 awesomeOsprey 12 awesome

I’m fairly certain that I haven’t posted these shots of my favorite bird in the whole world. If they look too familiar, then I apologize. I just love my precious Ollie so!

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Fan of…Challenge, Fishing October 7, 2019

Fun & Sport 2Fun & Sport 1#Fan of… challenge

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Granny Shot It WWE: October 7, 2019

WWE 93WWE 92#Granny Shot It #Water Water Everywhere #WWE

Three Line Tales, Week 192


What Noah Saw and What God Said About It:

Never again, Son

Inundation forgotten

Fire instead of Flood


Cee’s FOTD Challenge: October 7, 2019

FOTD 3 milkweedMilkweed

Butterfly 3

Cosmos with butterfly

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