Ragtag Daily Prompt: Eccentric

The nicknames for Tata Sous-sus were beginning to pile up. First there had been Auntie Finale because of her behavior at a concert. Due to her pennilessness, now there was Tata Sans-sou. When someone would share with Princess Pirouette their latest bon mot against the poor relation, she would simply close her eyes in mild disapproval, while inwardly she too would share in the joke. It seems to be human nature that when people are in a group, they choose a scapegoat to cut from the herd. Sometimes, for lack of a worthy candidate, a person is unfairly singled-out for this treatment. In the case of Tata Sous-sus, she invited ridicule with her voluminous skirts, large wigs and heavy makeup.

Because of her soft heart and indulgent nature, Princess Pirouette looked upon Tata Sous-sus as merely a harmless eccentric. What she did not realize was that because of her insistence on including the unfortunate soul in all social activities, she was causing her own star to dim. The cattier members of the court were already starting to question Pirouette’s judgement. In point of fact, Lady Greenmeadow had started to call her Princess PooPoo as a play on Tata Sous-sus.

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