Ragtag Daily Prompt: Resignation

“Oof!” Cried Félipe after GarGar poked him in the belly with a wooden sword.

“En garde!” Shouted GarGar.

“You’re supposed to say that before you lung,” groaned the valet.

“Rule number one of swordsmanship,” replied GarGar with a chuckle. “Never trust your opponent. Now parry!” Again le comte des Deux Chats jabbed Félipe, but this time in the ribs.

“You’re hurting me, my lord!” Whined the boy. Pulling up his shirt, he revealed two bright red marks on his torso. “See!”

With a sigh of resignation, GarGar said, “Alright, baby. Give me your sword.” Seeing his chance, Félipe chopped at GarGar’s extended hand.

“Ouch!” Exclaimed GarGar, and then, “You’re learning, Félipe. Good show!”

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