Ragtag Daily Prompt: Nomad

Pirouette! The best queen we ever had!
Pirouette! Grew up like a little nomad!
She travelled across foam and land
until GarGar asked her for her hand.
Long live Queen Pirouette!
Long live Queen Pirouette!

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Looking Within

Selfie 1 bw

Looking Within

To look within is no easy task.
What is the point? One may fairly ask.
To know thyself and to thyself be true,
And to give unto God that which is due.

Ragtag Daily Prompt: New Beginnings

IMG_9997New Beginings

Jesus in manger
Born to rule Heaven and Earth
Grant Us Peace, Hope, Love.

Three Line Tales Week 205

Judgement Day

Wind blew on the house.
It did not fall but shaken
Inhabitants fled.

WWE 4 p&iThree Line Tales

Three Line Tales #204


Max shook his head in disbelief. What the Hell am I looking at? He asked himself, for before him stood a new adversary, deadlier than all the others put together. “Who are you?” He shouted at the mouse whose fur seemed to emit a glow, warm and comforting. It made one want to press their nose to its fur and wiggle it a bit.

The angel/mouse smiled at Max, and then gave him a wink. “I am the archangel Milton, sent from Heaven above to cast you back into Hell.”

“You, and what army?” Sneered Max, the demon from Hell.


Maxwell prowls the yard
Haunches up creeping up pounce
Soul lost forever

Three Line Tales, Week #204

Three Line Tales Week 201

photo by Egor Vikhrev via Unsplash

Collisions – Three Line Tales

She luxuriates
in the path of disaster,
Queen of the Crash Car.

Three Line Tales Week 200

photo by Annie via Unsplash

No Exit – In memory of Jean-Paul Sartre

Turn around again.
The worm consumes its own tail.
Hello Judgement Day.

Three Line Tales Week 199


photo by Jakob Owens via Unsplash

Miracle Man

He drove the demons
From the man into the swine
Water there to drown

Three Line Tales Week 198

Who would have thought?

Polly’s voodoo doll
can kill with just memory.
Take it home and try.

Photograph by Museums Victoria via Uplash