CFFC: Ate or Eight

Here is my entry for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Ate or Eight

Can you have too many peppers? I think not!

But why stop with peppers? How about some pumpkins (eight letters)!

Here we have some yummy yellows (you may recognize some of these from a prior post)

Let’s end the show with a not rotten tomato.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Basically One Color or Hue

YellowYellow 1

Tomatoes (interesting color for a tomato).

Yellow 3


Yellow 4

Gerbera daisy

Yellow 2Spaghetti squash

My entries for Cee’s Fun Foto challenge. I’ve always loved the color yellow. To me it represents life, energy and joy. Our little blue Earth revolves around the giant yellow Sun. Add those two together and it makes green. Throw red into the mix, the third primary color, and you have an entire universe of colors.


One Word Sunday Challenge: Overlap

Apples 2


A big thank you to Cee for bringing this particular challenge to my attention with her beautiful post. In keeping with one of her subjects, I submit these fruit and vegetables that were waiting patiently for me at my nearby grocer’s for Travel with Intent’s One Word Sunday challenge. Their prices are bit higher than other grocery stores, but they have, hands down, the best meats and produce in town. Their name is Graul’s. Given that this is Maryland, one can only imagine the many different ways we have of pronouncing that one!