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Ragtag Daily Prompts: Incompetent, November 15, 2019

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While the rest of the court huddled in the throne room, le comte des deux chats, GarGar stood on the adjoining balcony surveying the crowds in the plaza below. The king sat on his beautiful, gilded, jewel-encrusted throne, dozing peacefully. Princess Pirouette stood out among those gathered because she appeared to be the only noble who wasn’t weeping and moaning, or praying loudly to God on high.

There must be hundreds of people down there, GarGar thought to himself.

Every time he waved to the assembled commoners, they would roar with approval. Some of them even carried makeshift placards with his name scrawled in lettering that was large enough for GarGar to see from his perch. It was unprecedented for a youth of his age to be so beloved of the people. While most found it disturbing, or perturbing or both, he was deeply moved by their devotion.

“If not for His Majesty’s incompetent government, we would not find ourselves in this predicament,” he shouted. At this the people broke spontaneously into song. It was Psalm Eighteen, I will love the Lord, my strength.

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