Ragtag Daily Prompt: Relief

GarGar 5_1_3It was with no little relief that Queen Pirouette heard the news of her cousin, la duchesse’s arrest. Since childhood, the two had been like oil and water. La Duchess, being the younger of the two, always felt a little insecure in her cousin’s presence. Alternatively, the Queen always felt a little annoyed with her younger cousin and her striving behavior.GarGar 5_1_5When the time came for the trial of la Duchesse de haricots froids, King GarGar made it his business to pressure the judge to issue a summary judgement without benefit of a jury or even witnesses. Poor cousin la Duchesse was sentenced to life in prison. She was bundled off to one of her estates in the country where she was allowed to entertain no more than thirty individuals of an evening!Pirouette 5_1_1