Ragtag Daily Prompt: Challenge

When GarGar entered the garden, he was shocked to find Princess Pirouette alone with the Imperial Ambassador. He was holding both of Pirouette’s hands in his. Seeing GarGar, Pirouette immediately snatched her hands back. “How good of Monsieur le comte to come visit me!” She said hurriedly.

“What is the meaning of this?” Asked GarGar angrily. “Are you making love to my fiance?” He asked the ambassador.

“By no means, Monsieur!” Replied the ambassador, just a little too quickly. “I was merely offering Her Highness my congratulations on her future marriage.”

“A likely story!” Rejoined GarGar. Turning to Pirouette, he said, “Where are your ladies? Why are you out here alone?”

“I know this doesn’t look quite proper, Monsieur le comte,” said the ambassador. “But let me assure you-“

Before he could finish his sentence, GarGar had pulled a glove from his hand, and struck the hapless servant of His Most Dreadful and Imperial Majesty squarely in the face. “Pistols at dawn,” he said coldly. “Tomorrow.”

Pirouette drew a fan from one of her sleeves and began fanning herself frantically. “Now really, GarGar! Leave it to you to blow this whole experience out of proportion. Do you really mean to challenge the Imperial ambassador to a duel? Well, it’s unthinkable!” She looked over his shoulder and spoke again. “Abigail! Tata! Come quickly! Monsieur le comte is making an ass of himself! As usual…”