Red, White, Yellow, Blue and Green

I am taking a challenge! This is from my friend Jo who has a fantastic blog all the way in New Zealand (where they filmed Lord of the Rings). The address is My challenge is pretty simple. Post five pictures that represent red, white, yellow, blue and green. You can rest assured that most of the photographs will come from either Hollywood or Franklin Canyon Park. That being said. Let me get to work.

© Russell Smith, 2011
© Russell Smith, 2012
© Russell Smith, 2011
© Russell Smith, 2012
© Russell Smith, 2012

So how did I do?

8 thoughts on “Red, White, Yellow, Blue and Green

  1. Oh no, the green one is so cool…I love the different shades and the blurriness…makes it seem sort of threatening yet inviting. Does that make sense ??
    I love the door…now that’s being creative. I thought about the sky myself, ’cause one day when I was in Tauranga with a friend she took photos of just that…but my blue sky didn’t quite have it. Now – what the heck is that yellow thingee ??? And I love bottlebrush…aren’t they just the coolest plant. We have loads of them in Australia. You did pretty awesome Russell. Say thanks to your sister for me for pushing you to do it !!!!!!!!!! I LIKE her…

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