Something of a Milestone

I’m not exactly sure why, but WordPress sent me this notification today. I suppose one number is as important as any other. This is a big THANK YOU to all who have been and continue to be supporters of my work. Learning from one another, I believe we have become an amazing network of excellent photographers. I’d like to extend special thanks to the following:

10 thoughts on “Something of a Milestone

  1. Hi – I guess the 1337 is a gamer and coder term – and it means
    Leet (which is “1337”), also known as eleet or leetspeak
    and congrats to you for this milestone
    you bring a nice energy to the blog world

      1. It is short for elite and this is not my area – but in digital code I guess 1337 translates a certain way and computer folks take it as elite – you can Google it for more info cos that is about all I know – ha

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