FOWC with Fandango: Adequate

House of Delegates

When Parliament gathered, there was barely enough space for all the sitting members. The King’s representative, the Chancellor sat behind a long wooden table in a large ornate chair. From there, he directed the activities of the members of the House according to the rules of Saint Olaf. Lacking ornamentation, the chamber was adequate for the purposes of parliament; that is, endless debates.

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Beacon

Pirouette 2_29_1 blue

Princess Pirouette the Younger and her older sister Princess Gargella were both in big trouble with their parents. They’d committed the one unforgivable transgression; that is, they had been rude to an underling. Everyday of their lives they’d been instilled by their parents with the supreme importance of being polite at all times.

“No matter the occasion, when you are in public, smile!” Their mother had told them. “Always extend your hand to a courtier that he may kiss it.” “Never complain.” “You must be a beacon of civility.” On and on the strictures were pronounced upon them by their elders.

Pirouette 2_29_2 huh

Cee’s FOTD Challenge: February 29, 2020

Happy Leap Year Day!

Orchid 2_28_3Orchid 2_28_3 cropOrchid 2_28_3 bwPerhaps we should include a little something extra?Bouquet 7Bouquet 7 cropBouquet 7 crop bw

Please forgive me if my Flower of the Day submissions come across as formulaic: (1) Regular shot; (2) Macro; (3) Black and White. Why is there so much power in the number three? The example abound. Probably the most powerful example would be the Holy Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.) Another is the adoption of the three movement convention in Classical music that was developed by one of my favorite composers, Antonio Lucio Vivaldi; that is, fast, slow, fast. Can you think of other examples of the power of three?


Which Way Photo Challenge: February 28, 2020

Signage _ No

Signage - NoHere I submit some serious signage for the Which Way Photo Challenge.

GatewayI thought that this wrought iron arch looked groovy in the early morning light. There’s a hint of road in the lower righthand corner. Note the red Mustang that belongs to my beloved Dana. I’m one of the only people allowed to drive the sacred automobile.


Mind over Memory’s Sculpture Saturday

These sculptures were photographed last weekend at the Maryland State House in my home town of Annapolis. Marylanders are very proud of their state house. It is the only state house in the union that once housed the legislature of the republic. I believe it is the oldest structure of its kind in the country that is still in its original use. As I’ve mentioned more than once, we are so proud of the State House that it is featured on the twenty-five cent piece for Maryland. Ben Franklin, William Pitt, and an anonymous woman are my submissions for this particular week’s Saturday Sculpture. Cheers!Sculpture Ben Frank bustStatue 1 womanStatue 2 SchleyStatue Pitt 1

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Viral

Pirouette 1

Had she lived in a different era, then Queen Pirouette would have known that it was simply a viral infection that took several of her children away from her so early in their lives. When Little GarGar took ill at eight years of age, he’d shown every sign of being a healthy and robust child. Sadly, in the eighth Winter of his life, what was certainly an influenza virus killed him in a matter of days. The physics had pulled their beards and made grand pronouncements in dead languages, assuring her that all would be well on one hand, and then warning her of dreadful outcomes with the other.

To see her boy suffer so, and after a day or two, show every sign of recovering, only to die a few days after that broke the Queen’s heart solidly in two. The half that continued to beat did so only for her husband and children. All the rest- wealth, power, glory, even beauty, were secondary to Her Majesty for the rest of her life. When it was her turn shuffle off of this mortal coil, she would be called Queen Pirouette the Wise by her grateful subjects.