Ragtag Daily Prompt: Brandish

First and foremost GarGar, le comte des Deux Chats was a warrior. There was nothing he loved more that spurring his horse to the middle of the fray where he would brandish his sword with deadly effect. The number of foes slain by him was incalculable. His very name struck fear into the hearts of his enemies of which there were many. He would fight until his arm was so weary that he could barely wield his weapon, his shining sword with a silver hilt.

Sunday Stills Challenges – #White

Believe it or not, this Crown Vic used to be pristine white!

It’s no secret that butterflies are my great love, so of course I have a white one to share!

I have a lot of white flowers I could share, but here are just a few I’d like to submit for Sunday Stills challenge.

No treatment of the color white would be complete without some of the stuff Winter brings!

Let’s hear it for humanity’s best friend!