Ludwig’s Monday Window Challenge: March 22, 2021

Many thanks to Ludwig Keck for hosting the Monday Windows challenge

This interesting office building is across the street from my pharmacy. I like the reflection of the trees in the glass.

These windows below can be found at a “yacht yard” here in Annapolis.

Let’s take a closer look. Notice the ship masts.

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Translucent

Princess Pirouette sat dutifully beside the old King’s bedside throughout the night. At sunrise, his eyelids fluttered a bit, but they did not open. He began to snore lustily, and that helped to ally Pirouette’s fears. His Majesty was so very old that the skin on his face and hands had become translucent, allowing one to see the bones underneath.

Shortly thereafter, Tata Sous-sus appeared and for once in her life, offered assistance. “Let me relieve you, my dear,” she said softly. “You see, I’ve brought you a tray with tea and biscuits.”

“I couldn’t replied,” Pirouette. “But thank you.”