Sunshine’s Macro Monday: March 1, 2021

I’m afraid that I’m a day late for Sunshine’s Macro Monday Challenge!

Little habanero peppers pack a big punch. Just the thing for a cold Winter’s day.

Up close and personal with this interesting daisy.

This busy bee was photographed on May 5, 2021.

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Consult

The old King looked older everyday. Still he rose every morning at dawn to hear mass, eat breakfast and attend to the business of running the country. His movements were slow and deliberate. His voice was raspy and tremulous. When addressing him, one was obliged nearly to shout because of his hearing loss. He’d been King for so long that there were few living who could remember his predecessor.

When she was first introduced to the King, Princess Pirouette, much like many children who are not regularly exposed to the elderly, was taken aback by his advanced years. It was only through gentle words and little acts of kindness that the King was able to ally the young girl’s apprehension. As she grew older, the Princess found that His Majesty was the first person she would consult when she had a problem or question that needed to be addressed.