Ragtag Daily Prompt: Pursuit

Princess Pirouette gazed pensively into the mirror. As she did so, she pondered the question that captures the imagination of many a young lady. To whom would she give her hand in marriage? The Princess ruminated on the fact that many women her age or younger were already wed, with children even. Pirouette knew her case to be different from all the others. She would bestow on her husband a certain measure of her power, authority and yes, even her dignity! Who would be worthy of such a gift?

Finding the right man might very well be the most important pursuit of her lifetime. The requirements to be worthy of such an honor were many. His bloodline must be exalted and impeccable. Impeccable also must be his manners, his breeding. He must be a great warrior in order to defend her crown. He must possess both wit and tact; otherwise, his position would engender great jealousies among the peers of the realm. Such a man, such a good man would indeed be very hard to find.