CBWC: Triangles, Diamonds and Squares

Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge

Diamonds – there are a few triangles here as well

Squares – the pizza man’s pan isn’t quite a perfect square, but the pattern on his apron fits the bill! As for those little square windows, once again the ubiquitous triangle makes an appearance.

GarGar was here (below)

I hardly needed to convert this image to black and white.

Finally we have a circle intersecting a triangle!

Challenge Your Camera #12 – Elemental

Normally brought to us by Buddha Walks into a Wine Bar, this weeks challenge, Elemental is brought to us by HopsSkipsandJumps and is based on the Ancient Greek conception of all matter: air, water, earth and fire. Here are my meagre contributions.



Water & Earth

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Misconception

Princess Pirouette was still trying to digest the prime minister’s revelation when she retreated to her own chambers in the palace. All she could think was that my lord prime minister was trying to bait her, or that he was operating under some kind of misconception that the old King had been poisoned. Why would anyone want to poison His Majesty? She thought to herself. As his immediate heir, she had the most to gain from such an inglorious act and she knew that she was quite innocent of the charge. Who then?

Lady Greenmeadow’s recognizable rap-a-tap-tap on the door pulled Pirouette from her musings. “Come in, my lady.” She said with a hint of irritation in her voice. “What is it?”

Her Ladyship employed a deep curtsy, eyes to the floor, and said, “Your Most Royal Highness, forgive the interruption, but your new dresser has arrived. May I introduce Miss Abigail Hoffenhoff?”