Cicada, May 19, 2021

This is the year of the seventeen year cicada. While I’ve been seeing lots of holes in the ground from where they’ve been tunneling themselves out to freedom, save one exoskeleton, I’ve seen no live cicada, until today.

Note that he still has a little bit of dirt on his back and wings from his recent ordeal.
Another angle. Smile!
I came across this exoskeleton the other day. I suspect that they must molt fairly soon after emerging from the ground.

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Bottle

Princess Pirouette spurred her horse further up the path. It was a warm, sunny day, just perfect for a ride in the park. GarGar, le comte des Deux Chats rode beside her. Neither spoke. In recent days, they’d settled into a comfortable silence that belied their passion. It was as if everything that needed to be said had been said and now the only form of communication necessary involved looks and gestures. It was a new experience for Pirouette who had always been on the talkative side.

GarGar reached into a basket that was hanging on the side of his horse. From it he drew a bottle of wine. “Would you care for a sip, my dear?” He asked. “No, thank you, GarGar, but help yourself.” With that GarGar took a deep gulp directly from the bottle. Who needs a glass when you’re riding? He thought.

Cee’s CFFC: Black and White versus Color

I find the floral comparisons to be more striking than anything else.