Ludwig’s Monday Window Challenge: May 24, 2021

There used to be a saying in the Orthodox Church that holy icons were windows into Heaven. I think that’s a pretty cool sentiment. In the Catholic Church, a miracle is defined as something that points to God. In those terms, I think this icon is pretty miraculous. It was manufactured by hand on Mount Athos in Greece. I love how Jesus is depicted as an adult. Note how he is giving his mother, the Blessed Virgin a flower.

Here are a couple more secular (and literal) windows.

During your wanderings in the forest, if you see this little house, turn and run the other way!

This is a view of our poor, neglected backyard from the kitchen door. The screen door was recently blown off during a heavy storm. Any volunteers to replace it?

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Venerable

Tata Sous-sus picked her teeth with her new golden toothpick without benefit of a mirror. Having gorged herself on a variety of sinewy meats, she sat back in her chair like a venerable, old pasha. “Do you think I’m loosing weight?” She asked Princess Pirouette.

“Undoubtably,” replied the Princess with alacrity.

City Sonnet’s Colors & Letters Challenge: May 24, 2021: Orange

When did orange become such a popular playground color?
Under cover of night, a critter came along and devoured half of our Halloween pumpkin.
Orange paint job
Perhaps you can tell that I’ve been waiting for weeks to post a bunch of orange things! Thank you, City Sonnet!
Of course, here’s a reliable daisy bringing up the rear!