Ragtag Daily Prompt: Incomplete

“Here we are on the eve of battle, and I have to listen to a bunch of old women yammering about intelligence reports!” Shouted GarGar at his officers.

“But my lord,” replied his aid de camp, “our understanding of their troop disposition is incomplete!”

GarGar used the point of his sword to draw the group’s attention to a pile of document that sat on the cot that served as both his desk and bed. “Have you read all of these? No, I didn’t think so. Well, I have and I tell you that their leaders are a bunch of parvenues and amateurs. There is a depressing redundancy to their formation. Their knowledge of tactics and strategies is-” He paused, groping for the right word.

“Rudimentary?” Offered another officer.

GarGar snapped his fingers. “That’s right! Rudimentary!”


Angel of the Resurrection, 1952, Walker Hancock

This World War II memorial can be found at Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station. It is my contribution to the new Photographing Public Art Challenge hosted by Cee Neuner and Marsha Ingrao.