Jez’s Fan of… Challenge #103

I’m a big fan of early lifeforms such as mosses and lichens (pronounced liken.)

Let’s take a closer look. Mosses, much like plankton (the earliest form of plant life) are highly dependent on an immediate supply of water.

Here we have some pretty pink buds alongside another, hardier moss.

Next we have lichens which are a beautiful example of symbiosis between algae (or cyanobacteria) living among filaments of multiple fungi species. Lichens have properties different from those of their component organisms. Wikipedia

Jez’s Fan of … Challenge #68 – Pirouette

Fan of … Pirouette!

Here’s my little darling acting camera shy. Don’t be fooled! She loves to pose for the camera, and the camera seems to love her right back.

Jez’s Fan of … Challenge #67 (Clouds)

Clouds 1Jez Braithwaite’s Fan of … challenge #67 (Clouds)

Clouds 2

Clouds 3

Clouds 4

Fan of …#66 (Blue Skies Backdrop #2)

College creek 3 well doneCollege Creek, Annapolis, Maryland. February 25, 2020.

Bridge College Creek 1Jez Braithwaite’s Fan of … Challenge

Jez’s Fan of … Challenge #57

Fossilized insects!

Amber 1
Insects are attracted to the sweet odor of tree resin. They become trapped in the sticky material. They may look like they hatched yesterday, but they could be up to millions of years old.

Amber 2
No insects were harmed in the making of these photos. The leaves illustrate perfectly how insects can become trapped in tree resin which then hardens and becomes amber. The leaf on top may only leave an imprint in the resin, while the leaf on the bottom looks as though it is being encased.

Jez Braithwaite, Photo by Jez, Fan of … Challenge #57


Jez’s Fan of… Challenge #55 – Buzzards

Buzzards 1Buzzards 2

At ground level, they’re quite hideous, but when they take flight, they are simply majestic. I speak of the buzzard. More than once, I’ve spoken of my admiration for the lowly buzzards, also known as a vulture. Yes, I am from the school that considers the terms synonymous. This is my contribution to Jez Braithwaite’s Fan of… challenge #55.

Jez’s Fan of… Challenge #53

Meat and Potatoes!PotatoesSteak 1

And besides meat and potatoes, we need something like onions to make a savory meal.

White onions 1 cropI hope this post didn’t make anybody too hungry!  I am a very big fan of a good meal.

Jez’s Fan of… Challenge: Buzzards

When they are on the ground, they are quite hideous to behold.

Buzzard 2

It’s when they take flight that one realizes what majestic creatures they really are.

Buzzard 3Yes, I am a fan of buzzards.

Jez’s Fan of… Challenge #44

It’s no secret that I’m crazy for butterflies. Here are a couple of shots that I took on August 31 and September 27 of this year. I’m submitting these to Jez Braithwaite’s Fan of… challenge number 44. Thanks, Jez!