Which Way Photo Challenge- January 31, 2020

WWE 5 aThis is Weems Creek on a particularly foggy morning. The bridge is Roscoe Rowe Blvd. I had a teddy bear named Roscoe when I was little. This is my second entry for this week’s Which Way Photo Challenge.

Max 2

While Maxwell (the demon cat) is the subject of this photo, he is on the staircase which is an acceptable subject for this challenge. If you ever hear of me breaking my neck in a tragic fall down the stairs, please know that it was Maxwell who killed me. It seems his main purpose for being on the stairs is not to travel from one floor of the house to another, rather it’s to trip me and kill me on these very stairs.

Bridge 1This bridge goes over the South River.  The road is Maryland Route 2, also known as Solomon’s Island Road- not to be confused with Old Solomon’s Island Road.  Stay tuned for more groovy pictures for this challenge.  Here in Annapolis, we have the Chesapeake Bay Bridges which are just as mighty as any steel span bridges anywhere in the world! God bless Maryland!


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