Extra Orchid

I just thought this particular orchid was so stunning that I should post it for its own value, rather than in response to a prompt. Not that there’s anything wrong with participating in a challenge or prompt! Far from it! I say. It’s just that this orchid spoke to me. Only another flower person will understand what I’m saying or where I’m coming from. Please just indulge me and enjoy this gorgeous orchid!

Orchid 3_2_5Orchid 3_2_5 stunningOrchid 3_2_5 stunning bw

4 thoughts on “Extra Orchid

  1. It is quite stunning. I see a dove in this one. Its white head looking down into the yellow where its white feet are standing and its purple horizontal wings that flare back to two wings in the back. Lovely.

    1. I see it! I really do! Thank you so much! I have a black and white of a macro that I want to call Angel of Death. The two biggest petals look like wings and there is something both other-worldly and sinister about the image. I guess I’m getting carried away. LOL

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