Wasp’s Nest

Wasps nestI’ve been having a high old time with my new iPhone 11. I used the zoom feature to photograph this wasp’s nest this morning. It was growing in a suburban sub-development in Annapolis. It was at least 6 in. x 6 in. x 4 in. – a veritable high-rise in the world of wasps. Believe it or not, this photo is not in black and white or any other form of monochrome. It’s just plain dreary- a typical day in March.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #86: Change Your Perspective

I took this photo with my iPhone 11. I chose “panorama” from the horizontal menu at the bottom of the display and then spun slowly on an axis a full 360 degrees.WWE toot tootThis was taken underneath the dome of the State House in Annapolis, Maryland. Staring up like this too long is a good way to hyper-extend your neck!Dome 1Change Your Perspective