Saturday Challenge: Hats

For this Weekly Prompts challenge, I have two presentations. One is of me and my youngster cat, Pirouette and two, a snapshot of a portion of my hat collection. I am particularly fond of the classic fedora.

Pirouette hat 2With daily practice, little Miss Pirouette has mastered the art of jumping onto my shoulder. She can accomplish this feet from pretty amazing distances. If I am sitting at the computer, she can leap onto me from the window sill which is at least 5 feet away. From my shoulder, she dives onto the bed, another 5 feet, without ever scratching me.Pirouette hat 1So these are for the most part my Winter and Spring hats. The Summer and Autumn ones are in another room. This photo shows 8 hats, seven of which are fedoras, and one baseball cap (from Levi’s).Hats 2Do I have a hat problem? Yes. I don’t have enough hats.

P.S. Have you noticed the sly allusion to a specific book by the great Dr. Seuss?

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Purr

Babies playbies“Your Majesty, it is time.” So began Queen Pirouette’s day when her lady of the bedchamber came at seven in the morning to wake her. Once she had completed her morning ablutions, the Queen dressed behind a screen where her ladies would give her various garments that had been chosen the night before to wear for the morning. In mid-afternoon she would change into something less casual than her morning attire and for the evening, depending on the event, she would dress accordingly. For a state dinner, she would wear the finest of brocades, satins and silks, and cover herself from head to toe with as many jewels as she could muster.

Whenever the Queen had a disagreement with her husband, King GarGar, to make peace he would give her a piece of expensive jewelry, some diamond bauble, surrounded by emeralds, rubies, sapphires and pearls, invariably encased in gold or silver, or sometimes both. When he would present her with his latest peace-offering, His Majesty would thrill at the way Queen Pirouette would purr her “thank you’s.”