Ragtag Daily Prompt: Calm

Babies 3_14_1“You will marry Count Gordo, and that’s the last I want to hear about it!” Thundered King GarGar at his eldest daughter, Gargella.  Famous for his enormous appetite for food as well as his enormous lust for gold, Count Gordo requested the Princess’ hand in marriage on the occasion of her sixteenth birthday. Her mother, Queen Pirouette refused out of hand to allow her daughter to be married off at such a young age, as she had been, but now, three years later, there were no excuses available to veto the marriage. One plus, at least in her parents’ eyes, was that she wouldn’t not have to leave the country, or even Court. The Count was an exile from his homeland.

“Try to remain calm,” said Queen Pirouette to her red-faced husband. “Our child is nervous. Can you blame her? Remember how averse I was to marrying you?”

“Must you bring that up in front of our daughter?” Sniffed the King.