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Monday Window Challenge: March 16, 2020

Monday windowFather Francis X. Seelos at Saint Mary’s Church, Annapolis, Maryland.Window 1Storefront (Psychic services) window on Eutaw at Paca Street, Baltimore, Maryland.

Monday window challenge

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Delightful

GarGar 3_11_2 bwHis Majesty King GarGar the Good, GarGar the Wise, GarGar the Kind was beside himself with joy.  It was the occasion of his eldest daughter’s wedding to Gertold, Le duc de plaisir.  While the man was handsome, looked right dashing when mounted on his steed in full uniform, he was not the King’s first choice.  Le duc was too young for marriage.  He needed to go out and sew some wild oats before settling down with anyone, even a beautiful princess.  Still, everything the King beheld looked delightful, from the cherubic ring bearers and train-holders, to the white doves that would be released immediately after they said their vows; thereby, alerting the crowds outside the Cathedral that the marriage vows had finally been taken.

Cee’s FOTD Challenge: March 16, 2020

I see your one tulip, Cee and raise you two hyacinths for the Flower of the Day challenge. Hyacinth 3_15_2

Hyacinth 3_15_1

fotd-banner (1)

Hyacinth 3_15_1 bw